September 14, 2010

So that happened.

Lady Gaga wore a meat dress to the VMAs.

In order to fully comprehend what a dress made of meat looks like go ahead and take a look at the full-length 'glory' of it and then examine it in close-up.

I'll just say "ew" and be done with it. I don't even eat meat so I can't fathom the mind-set behind slathering my entire body in layers of dead animal. Would it smell? Would it feel squishy and cold? Just, ew. Statements I get. Fashion I get. Controversy I get. But honey, a dress made out of meat? Look, at least next year be equal opportunity and wear a dress made out of lettuce. Or tofu.

But the Lady's first dress (she wore three) of the evening was a stunning Alexander McQueen gown of taffeta and gold and Renaissance portraiture that was an absolute dream. It was like a clothing version of the Louvre. Truly, utterly gorgeous.

One day very soon the most shocking thing Lady Gaga will be able to do is leave home in sweatpants and flip-flops. Or, I suppose, have somebody else wear her to an event.

So that happened.

Twitter told me tonight that "Something is technically wrong". This cracked me up. I can't quite tell if the wording is deliberate or stupid but it makes me wonder if there are other error messages that read "Something is actually wrong" and "Something is literally wrong" and "Something is basically wrong" that pop up at random just to keep things interesting.

Also, Tumblr continues to suck all meaning out of life and yet be indescribably addictive. I suppose this statement could be true of many addictive things, actually. Heroin. Meth. The Real Housewives of _______.

And finally, I hear rumors that this - season eleven - will be Marg Helgenberger's last season on CSI. You know, rumor schmumor. Until Catherine is actually killed off by some miniature-making intestinal-bow-tying serial killer (is it just me or are the killers getting a bit too... arty?) or Marg herself steps up and says, on record, "It's been fun but I am out of here", I refuse to believe anything. Because I heart Catherine. CSI, hurry back.

I've started watching China Beach again. It's amazing. It's just so... good.

So that happened too.