September 9, 2010

Hint: Boy George.

I found it online in a forum where they were discussing the fact that Boy George tweeted that "the chameleon joke has been done to death" and since everyone wanted to know what chameleon joke he was referring to, some helpful soul posted the above image.

I did laugh. I did. And now, Boy George, it's going to spread like wildfire all over again. And there will be t-shirts made. And they will be awesome.

September 7, 2010

And now lyrics from Scott Walker's '30 Century Man'.

Play it cool and Saranwrap all you can
Be a 30 Century Man
You can freeze like a 30 Century Man
Like a 30 Century Man

I have... questions.

Arguably the most pressing is "Saranwrap?"

From the Imagined Future History Books...

"In the 30th century men saranwrapped all they could. Additionally they froze goods for use later and this practice, along with the use of copious amounts of saranwrap, would be what set 30th century men distinctly apart from their predecessors. Presumably this shift in sensibilities was due to the pervading filth left over from 20th century men who were notorious scallywags and ne'er-do-wells who did not saranwrap much of anything, and thus allowed mold and dirt to hold sway over a staggering majority of households and office fridges in their day. All that changed in the 30th century, however, and the neglect of prior years would give way to a new world order of cleanliness and preservation through freeze-wrapping."