March 3, 2010

In Which I Explain My Absence

It's not that I don't love this Crypt or you pretty mortals and your lush blood...

I was away because Blogger wanted it that way. Blogger and Firefox.exe conspired to crash my computer any time I tried to view the Crypt. And since updating without viewing is like writing with your eyes shut (are you still on the page? is it legible?) you can understand that it was a very trying time for me.

The problem has been temporarily solved by my friend Jeffy who broke into the Crypt, vanquished some lingering stylesheet demons, and disabled my comments. Miraculously, just like the undead themselves, my Crypt has now risen again to see another night. For now you can't comment. But you can email me if you're so inclined. I will endeavor to find a comments program (curse you, Haloscan, and all your bastard offspring) that doesn't cause systems failures and require a virgin sacrifice to operate.

The important news is that I'm back, darlings! Let's celebrate with a photo of Anjelica, shall we?