February 18, 2010

In Which I Indulge Twin Passions

Namely black and white fashion photographs and Anjelica.

Anjelica Huston photographed by the inimitable Richard Avedon for Vogue Italia 1971

February 14, 2010

In Which I Am Broken

Well, not broken. I recently started doing crunches (again) because I confess that I hate the gym and mostly hate exercise but also feel sort of like my body should be doing something and almost everything else is objectionable in some way so I chose crunches. Anyway, today I discovered that I can't reach my shoes or any shelf higher than my neck without screaming pain running up and down my mid-section.

So naturally I conclude that crunches are gateway masochism.

I preferred my old method of exercise, really. Which was raising the coffee mug to my lips in three sets of ten reps every morning.

Also I am a gold medalist in sleeping in. I'm just saying.