August 12, 2010

Day 18: A Film You Wish They'd Never Been Involved In

(I'm using the 'day' part of this meme loosely. As in 'Day: Whenever I Get To The Next Topic In Sequence'.)

I find this topic slightly cruel; not everything can be an undeniable work of art. And John Cusack once explained his presence in Con Air (a film I unashamedly love, truth be told) by saying that you make the big blockbuster movie to finance all the little indie gems you're dying to film. They can't all be exquisite and little-seen works of unique vision or gritty ground-breaking noir or whatever. And I enjoy Anjelica's performance and presence in just about everything - no lie, now. For serious. But there are one or two... you know...

Okay, I'll just say it.

I would also put Daddy Day Care in this category.

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