November 24, 2009

Snapshot of a Vampire

It's 2.09 am.
The DVD player is quietly spinning a CSI disc on pause.
Janet Jackson's 'Sweet Dreams' is playing cheerily over the laptop speakers.
She is wearing a pink hoodie with a print of a fawn on it. She has no idea why she owns such an item but loves it in spurts and forgets she owns it in between.
She is wrestling with CV updates.
She is in the throes of a career crisis that begins to demand the CV updates.
She should be in bed but because she has a day off tomorrow she feels no pressing need to abandon the sweet peace of the dead of night.
She feels strangely calm about the future though it is more uncertain now than it has ever been.
It's 2.15 am.
The DVD player is still spinning that CSI disc.
'Sands Theme' from the Once Upon A Time In Mexico soundtrack is now playing.
She eats an Oreo.
She contemplates and rejects bed once more.
She will linger here, bathed in the light of the laptop, accompanied by the hum of the DVD, wrestling with more questions than answers, as long as she can because everything is possible at night and day only brings glare.
She yawns.
She posts this update.