June 10, 2009

Ideas For Other Potential Film Adaptations Of Inanimate Objects I Remember Sort Of Fondly

... or...

Possibilities For The Continued Rape And Pointless Pillage Of My Childhood By Hollywood

Hungry Hungry Hippos: The Movie (for Homie)

Robert DeNiro in The Yahtzee Story

But why stop at board games? Breakfast cereal should not be ignored. "Shreddies won't be IGNORED, Dan."

Snap, Crackle, and Pop: The Road to Rice

For the Twilight crowd...
Count Choculuscious

And when the tousle-headed star of Choculuscious inevitably wants to shed his teen heartthrob image by taking on a gritty adult role, the sequel...
Frank and the Count: The Brokeback Memoirs

But why stop there?

Pogoball: With A Vengeance

Untitled Gummy Bracelet Project