May 23, 2009

Alec Baldwin recently said the following about his 13 year old daughter Ireland on a talk show:

"My daughter is 13 and I see now why, in these films, whenever they represent a Mayan culture, or any tribal culture, or a Hawaiian culture, they always throw a teenage girl into the volcano as a sacrifice," he joked.

And apparently there is a furor online about his comments with some people backing him and agreeing with the sentiment and others outraged and calling him an unfit father, blah blah, yada yada.

I, personally, laughed out loud. Do you know any thirteen/fourteen year old girls? They're dreadful creatures. They're mouthy, sarcastic, bitchy, rebellious, angsty, and really quite unpleasant.

I remember what I was like at thirteen and quite frankly if we had lived near any active volcanos I am positive my parents would have thrown me in one. I would have deserved it, too. I would walk two blocks behind them whenever we went out, would roll my eyes and sigh in irritation anytime they spoke to me, would snipe "I KNOW, Dad" every chance I got, giggled through family prayers at dinnertime, stormed that they "just didn't understand", hogged the phone for hours on end, complained bitterly about every meal made for me, told them I wished I was adopted, etc, etc.

So, you know, you parents with sweet little girl-children, baby daughters with big eyes and adorable dimples and endless hugs, enjoy it while it lasts and don't waste your time being offended at Alec Baldwin's comments. Because he only speaks the truth.

It makes you wonder if The Exorcist was more of an extended metaphor than a literal horror, you know?

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