April 28, 2009

Ten Talented Temptresses

3. Gina Gershon
While not the first woman I ever admitted to crushing on, she does hold the distinction of being the longest-running. Her mouth is either her Achilles heel (according to those not smitten by her) or the single greatest feature ever created by God (according to those in awe). She's comprised entirely of a growl of a voice, Mulholland-like curves, that sassy fuck-you-anyways attitude, a mane of brunette hair, and That Mouth. Not to mention the fact that she doesn't mind shedding her clothes and kissing girls (Showgirls, Prey for Rock and Roll). When she's not prowling through gritty femme noirs ( the brilliant Bound) making both men and women hot and bothered, she's shooting guns (Face/Off), pushing porn (Demonlover), or talking law to Russell Crowe (The Insider). She's got the kind of talent that doesn't earn her critical darling status but does translate seamlessly into a wildly diverse singing career alongside her acting. She's a growling punk goddess on the Prey for Rock and Roll soundtrack and her own solo album, 'The Search for Cleo', is a fascinating mixture of folk, rock, and indie-pop. Sort of like her. She's also one of the original founding members of New York theatre troupe Naked Angels and has recently appeared in several Broadway shows to the sort of acclaim that eludes her in film. She even co-wrote a kid's horror book, 'Camp Creepy Time', with her brother Dann. All that and she can still amp up the sexual heat with a smouldering look better than anyone half her age.

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