April 29, 2009

Ten Talented Temptresses

2. Sharon Stone
China hates her, Oscar snubs her, audiences tend to avoid her films, and Rupert Everett called her "utterly unhinged". But everybody knows her name. Sharon Stone is a great beauty, perhaps one of the last in Hollywood who truly understand the meaning of glamor and who isn't afraid to pour on either the drama or staggering satin-and-diamond sex appeal. Even stripped down, literally, she is captivating. She won the genetic lottery with porcelain skin, perfect lips, piercing sky-blue eyes, and golden blonde hair. Her talent is a more hotly debated commodity. Everyone can admit she's beautiful but is she an actress? Uncrossing her legs in Basic Instinct made her an undeniable star but does she have anything else to offer? I say she does, and how, what with truly knockout performances in Casino, the little-seen Simpatico, Bobby, and the comic gem The Muse. Besides that she is a tireless force for charity, chairing auctions in the name of AIDS research (she's an amFAR spokeswoman) and bullying fellow luminaries into parting with millions at a time for the cause. She's the co-founder of Planet Hope with her sister Kelly, a charity that provides winter coats and medical care for kids who can't afford it, counseling for victims of domestic abuse, and a summer camp for the underprivileged. She's definitely something utterly unique. And I find that 'je ne sais quoi' element as utterly entrancing as her looks.

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