February 27, 2009

One of my favorite looks from this year's Oscars. I'm not going to bore you with an endless fashion re-cap. I waited until I could choose one look that sort of summed up Hollywood glamor for me and this is that look. Marisa Tomei (whom I was rooting for in the Best Supporting Actress race and who unfortunately lost to Penelope Cruz) is just plain old gorgeous in any setting but this dress is utterly lovely on her. It's dramatic without being weird and sort of safe without being dull. She looks wonderful.

As to perennial Crypt favorites...
Anjelica Huston (in a long deep purple gown with embroidered detail along the neckline and down to the hem) looked stunning, as usual, and Sharon Stone (in a long sheer-and-lace black gown) looked mostly naked, as usual. I've never objected to seeing her naked onscreen but one must draw the line somewhere and I would think that the Vanity Fair Oscar party is not the place to go essentially topless. But then again, I'm not Sharon Stone. If you want me to post photos of those two looks, clamor for them in the bites. If not, I'll assume the Oscars are rightly done and dusted for another year.

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