February 25, 2009

I totally taught myself something new tonight!

See, Homie made me this lovely vampiric blog template and I've happily used it ever since it was gifted to me in a grand unveiling for a former birthday. It involved Homie breaking into the Crypt on the sly and re-decorating while I slept the sleep of the undead. I loved it and so life just went on without a second thought. Until today when MSN Groups decided to close. (Well, okay, the Groups probably didn't decide to close themselves but somebody somewhere pulled the plug and one can only assume the decision involved the words "due to the economy" which, as Homie has recently discovered, is pretty much the nefarious culprit behind everything these days. Anyway.) The sudden disappearance of MSN Groups meant my beautiful vampire goddess vanished from the Crypt and all that remained was a plain blue slate of nothingness. So I opened a Flickr account, uploaded the vampiress, and figured out how to post her into my template ALL BY MYSELF!

I don't care how bored you are by this information or how much you're mocking me for my lack of computer savvy, I remain impressed by my accomplishment and am patting myself on the back.

*sticks out tongue at nay-sayers*

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