December 29, 2008

RIP Robert Graham
Robert Graham 1938 - 2008
"The Venice-based artist was known for his large public projects across the United States -- in Los Angeles, he created a set of free-standing bronze doors for the Music Center, a sculpture of two headless figures at the Memorial Coliseum for the 1984 Olympics and the "Great Bronze Doors" for the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels."

Deepest sympathies to his wife, Anjelica Huston, whom he met in 1990 and married in 1992.
Homie did a Top 8 Movies of 2008 list and it inspired me to create a similar list (since our tastes are not always what you might call synchronous). But I'm too lazy to research every film that came out in the past year and my memory isn't really what it could be (753 years is a long time, give me a break) so I'm trying to do a list based solely on what I can remember I saw through the power of squinting. (Which I hear tell is the most scientific way to jog your memory.)

Based on five whole minutes of random recollection and half-assed critique, I now proudly present the Vampire Nomad's Top Ten Films That Didn't Suck in 2008.

Top Ten Films That Didn't Suck in 2008

10. The Dark Knight
9. 30 Days of Night
8. Iron Man
7. Be Kind Rewind
6. Wall-E
5. Mamma Mia!
4. El Orfanato
3. Choke
2. Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
1. Shine A Light