December 12, 2008


This is my new thing. Advice. Get it? +(add) and VICE? I know, awesome. Anyway.

If any of you pretty mortals want to take advantage of my 753 years of undead experience, now is the time. I'm trying out a new feature where you can unload any and all of your burning questions - no subject is taboo - and I will attempt to answer them. So bite me with them if you're bold or ask me for an email address if you prefer anonymity. I'll post both questions and answers (hoping I get any) later on in the month.

IMPORTANT NOTES (YE OLDE DISCLAIMER): I am not a trained psychologist or doctor or even pet psychic. I do not promise to have the right answers, only honest ones. My opinions are my own and are not universally endorsed by vampires everywhere. Also I'm undead, not a deity. And any subject really is fine with me. Pop culture to sex to drugs to science (though that's my weak point) to movies to girls to food to the 17th century... whatever.

December 10, 2008

Things from the internet that are awesome, part two...

December 8, 2008

Things from the internet that are awesome, part one...

December 7, 2008

Day Four of Wisdom Teeth Surgery Recovery Week

Films watched since Day Two...
And the Band Played On...
This is Spinal Tap

CSI S9 E4 "Let It Bleed"
CSI S6 E23 "Bang Bang"
Michael Clayton

Current status...

Still unswollen, off the codeine, finished the antibiotics... *knocks on wood*... pain-free and getting bored. Going back to work.

Diet update...

Still mostly liquids and soft foods.
Had no idea ice cream could actually become dull.
Crave vege burgers, crackers, cookies, Dr. Pepper, and almonds.