November 13, 2008

Christmas Wish List 2008

Item #1
The Addams Family Pinball Machine

The Visual:

The Fun Facts:
* The Addams Family is the best selling pinball machine of all time with 20,270 units sold. Not one of which I own.
* It features quotes from the movie as well as quotes unique to the game, all specially recorded by Raul 'Gomez' Julia and Anjelica 'Morticia' Huston.
* It features something called 'the power' which is an electromagnetic field beneath the middle of the board that wreaks havoc with ball play at random intervals and during multi-ball specials.
* There's also Thing who emerges from inside a box to steal the ball when you shoot near it.

The Nostalgia:
In the lazy, hazy days of 1992 I was a carefree student. A year away from graduation, I was in senior high and the world was my proverbial oyster. I knew nothing of the hardships of life really. Everything was peaches and cream and kittens and rainbows and skipping through clover and... Addams Family pinball. Ah, the hours spent at the local Macs convenience store with my best friend feeding quarters into Addams Family pinball to open the bookcase by spelling G-R-E-E-D or to hear Morticia moan 'Gomez' just one more time. The long drive out to Richmond listening to St. Elmo's Fire on my other friend's car stereo, drinking Crystal Pepsi, heading for the arcade with Addams Family pinball so we could aim for the elusive train wreck or shoot our way to a Mamushka. The Addams Family pinball featured prominently into those idyllic days before the weight of the world hit my shoulders and I realized life wouldn't always be, to quote Fester, "a romp in a graveyard". Also, it's a damn fine game. A damn fine game.

The Want:
... is all-consuming. Since the time I learned that regular people (read: not just skeevy arcade owners) could own pinball machines in their very own homes, I have wanted an Addams Family pinball machine. This is second only to my desire to live in a replica Addams Family mansion. But as this list is for Christmas 2008 I need to be practical. It is unlikely that I or anybody near and dear to me would be able to afford a whole mansion by December 25th. I have skillfully transferred my longing to the infinitely more affordable (by comparison) Addams Family pinball machine.

The Parting Shot: