September 27, 2008

I'm back from tour (the "real job") and damned if I haven't come down with another round of the Hyperbolic Cold. Longer-lasting, meaner, and more feverish than a regular cold but not quite an adult flu. I seem to come down with some rampaging bronchial-related illness every time a job finishes these days and I am starting to feel sickly or like the sort of continual invalid that Louisa May Alcott might have written about. In my youth I was never sick, never. We had constitutions of steel. But now in my adult years, quite possibly the prime ones of my life, I am a coughing fluid-filled mess approximately 50% of the time which makes me wonder if I wasted all my best healthy years going to fucking SCHOOL and am now doomed to slog through my adulthood nursing some sort of perpetual viral hangover that renders me mostly listless and unpretty more of the time than not? I just wish somebody had memo-ed me in my youth if this is the case. I would have spent a lot more time - a LOT more time - cutting class, kissing boys, and draining the lifeblood of virgins if I had known.