September 5, 2008

Your Weekly Catherine

Week Thirty-Four

My 'real' job (read: the one that pays me and doesn't involve either drinking blood or talking incessantly about Catherine) has taken me on tour and out of internet reach for the past week. I will stay on tour until October. But the level of my dedication to both Catherine and my resolution to indirectly annoy the hell out of Torch is such that come hell or high water I will find a way to keep these weekly updates going. If I only get five minutes of internet contact a week in far-flung little towns between fourteen hour pack in days, SO HELP ME GOD I WILL USE THEM TO TALK ABOUT CATHERINE.

No photos. You'll just have to scroll down or click on the Your Weekly Catherine label to view her glory in posts past.

No new info. I'm fresh out of Marg news. I told you, my 'real' job has me mostly out of internet reach.

But dammit, nothing can keep me from imparting sweet gems of Catherine goodness to you. For example, did you know that lab rat Henry finds Catherine's presence nerve-wracking? True story. And bragging rights to you if you can name the episode where Cat tells a fidgety Henry that he "can relax now" after he's given her the information she requested.

By the way, the answer to last week's pop quiz will appear next week. That gives all you slacker lurky-loos who refuse to comment or play my fucking games time to bite me. Literally. Is Michelle the only one who cares any more?