August 22, 2008

Not the elephants too!

What can one person do to stand in the way of the illegal poaching of endangered species for their body parts? I know it seems daunting but think about this: if the demand for the ivory or tiger bone or bear gall disappeared, so would the market for selling those parts. And the killing would stop. If we as a collective species stopped decorating with ivory and turning a blind eye to 'traditional medicines' that contain tiger parts then we would make a serious dent in the profitability of killing them. So who's with me? I, for one, vow to never use a single product that contains anything from a tiger or a bear. And I will never wear, decorate with, or purchase ivory. Now who is willing to stand up with me and, in their own small but powerful way, make the same statement?

August 19, 2008

Your Weekly Catherine

Week Thirty-Two

Did you know...

Catherine was sixteen the year JAWS hit theatres.

She's critical of horror movies because she says they never get the blood spatter right.

Catherine's father Sam Braun's nickname for her was 'Mugs'.

And Gary (Warrick) Dourdan's nickname for Marg was 'Margalicious'.