July 29, 2008

Your Weekly Catherine

Week Twenty-Nine

If John Malkovich Took Over For Grissom...

"I have seniority. I should be able to pick my own cases. And that is not an office you gave me, it's a closet! Are you even listening?"

"I'm sorry, I'm busy. Who are you?"

"I started without you so it's my crime scene. Don't touch anything."

"So you're the head of CSI? Am I hearing you correctly? Make a move and the evidence gets it."

"I am really tired of picking up your slack, you know. And this is a terrible connection. Where are you?"

"She's still talking, boss."
"Doesn't matter. I see her. Just take us down right there, nice and easy..."

There are pros and cons. I can see it changing the show's dynamic slightly but maybe that's not entirely a bad thing. It would certainly make for compelling viewing.

July 27, 2008