July 24, 2008

Your Weekly Catherine

Week Twenty-Eight

Nick: Looks like we're through. I think I can see her in there.
Catherine: Let me see. Tell her to get her lazy butt out of bed.
Nick: Cat, she's been sick.
Catherine: Well she'd better get over it. These weekly updates won't write themselves.
Nick: Just because they're all about you...
Catherine: Nicky, come on. When Grissom leaves you'll get more attention.
Nick: Yeah, about that. When is Grissom leaving exactly?
Catherine: Well this is why she needs to start posting again. HEY! Sicko. Get up and update already.
Nick: Your compassion is overwhelming.
Catherine: Just cut power to her TV, okay? That'll get her moving.

ALRIGHT! Alright already. God almighty.
All the CSI news you can use is here waiting for you. A little late but better than never, right?


CSI is a-buzz with the news that William Petersen, who plays intrepid leader and bug collector Gil Grissom on the series, is leaving the show ten episodes into the newest and ninth season. Petersen confirms the rumors and says that Grissom, like his love interest Sara (played by Jorja Fox) will indeed be leaving after he finds himself increasingly disillusioned in the aftermath of Warrick's (Gary Dourdan) demise. However, Petersen is quick to point out that he will remain with CSI as an executive producer (a role he's filled for some years now) and that Grissom will not be written out completely but will remain a very real presence who will return for guest spots as the show requires. Petersen says he is not interested in hurting either the show or the audience and will ensure the quality remains the same.

So for those of you keeping tally at home, that will mark the third regular cast member to depart (Sara Sidle, Warrick Brown, and now Gil Grissom) which leaves the CSI team with Catherine Willows, Nick Stokes, and Greg Sanders as the remaining trio of core members.

The powers-that-be at CSI are already working hard to find a suitably strong replacement for Grissom (thus doubtless relieving any concerns Torch may have had about the leadership role passing to Catherine in Grissom's wake) and the two names that have been floated as potentials are exciting, to say the least. I love Grissom and he's going to be missed but if you have to replace him you could do a whole lot worse than, say, John Malkovich or Lawrence Fishburne. I kid you not. No definite decisions have been made but reports claim that both Malkovich and Fishburne are interested and being considered.

And that is the news you can use. Now Catherine, Nick, kindly put my wall back together and get out of my living room.

July 20, 2008

All posting has been put on hold so I can lounge around and cough up both my lungs and enjoy the fevered state I've been in for days now. Finally, please god, I think I may be on the mend. Cross your fingers.

The Anjelica countdown and the Weekly Catherine, among other sundry delights, will return after I have full health back. Both will suffer a slight delay but I'll be back better than ever soon enough. Your well wishes (and virgin blood sacrifices) will doubtless help.