June 19, 2008

And in CSI news that is somehow simultaneously surprising and expected, Jorja Fox's Sara Sidle will be returning to the lab in the third episode of the new season.

Assuming that Gary Dourdan's Warrick's exit was as entirely unplanned as it seemed, it's not rocket science to figure out why producers would want Sara back so soon. And she was given a very graceful and easy-to-return-from out.

So... Grissom and Sara will be back together, Warrick's gone, does this mean Catherine and Nick are in the cards?

June 18, 2008

Your Weekly Catherine

Week Twenty-three

I'm going to go ahead and call Torch the big winner in the Identify That Catherine Photo Contest. Torch correctly guessed three out of the four shows and that gives him a score of 75%. (He forfeited his offered bonus point by slagging Catherine in his answers. I love that he's nothing if not completely consistent in his hatred of her.)

The answers are:

Photo One: Season 5 episode 'King Baby'
According to Torch, "#1 is the episode with the man-baby sexual deviant"

Photo Two: Season 7 episode 'Leaving Las Vegas'
According to Torch, "#2 is the episode where she interrogated the guy by undoing one button each time he answered a question"

Photo Three: Season 4 episode 'Fur and Loathing'
According to Torch, "#3 is the furry episode (rancher thought furry dude was a coyote and shot him)"

Photo Four: Season 4 episode 'Suckers'
This is the one Torch didn't get so I'll let you know that it's the one where Catherine is investigating the murder of a girl from a vampire coven who died of exsanguination in which Angelina Jolie's brother James Haven has a guest appearance as a vampire mentor.

And Torch's slag of Catherine? "I know two of them right away (#2 and #3), and the other two are from those other two episodes where Catherine was a self-righteous cow."

Be that as it may, this week's Catherine is especially chosen for Torch the quiz winner. In the Season 5 episode 'Viva Las Vegas', Catherine walks in on her slimy club-owner boyfriend cheating on her with a young barmaid. Given that she met him in conjunction with a murder investigation, that he owned a nightclub and spent most of his time chatting up the half-dressed waitresses, and that he was played by none other than Krycek from The X-Files, she really should have seen this coming. Still, it's a painful moment for me to watch as Catherine was clearly devastated. So because Torch hates Catherine and probably loves the episodes where she "gets what's coming to her", this photo of a pained Catherine leaving the Acid Drop nightclub in tears is for him. Congratulations on winning, Torchy!