June 10, 2008

Your Weekly Catherine

Week Twenty-Two

Hey guess what? We're actually on week twenty-three because I cutely made two week six posts. Well hell. I'm just going to go ahead and call this week twenty-two anyway. I can handle an extra week of Catherine, especially if it means avoiding the work involved in re-numbering every post since week six.

This week I have something special for you. It's a little quiz to see how closely you've been paying attention to these weekly updates. I'm turning the tables right around. I'll post a photo of Catherine and you guys tell me what episode it's from. Too hard? Cry me a fucking river. Alright, alright... the catch is that I can't post a photo from an episode I haven't already discussed in an earlier entry. So were you paying attention, my pretty mortals? All the answers have already been given to you, you just have to remember them.

To give you an extra helping hand I've gone against everything I hold sacred in my Crypt and have LABELED the weekly Catherine posts. So if you're really stuck you can just go back through every post labeled Your Weekly Catherine and find the answers the hard way - archaeologically.

Photo One:
Hint: That's not Lindsey's bottle.

Photo Two:
Hint: This form of specialized interrogation would totally work on me.

Photo Three:
Hint: Have you ever been scritched?

Photo Four:
Hint: This one is personal.

Torch, I expect you to play and win. I'll award you a bonus point if you can participate without making a single snarky aside about Catherine. That's right, I just slapped your face with my glove of challenge. Kimdianna, you should be able to rule this game! And you lurkers out there with copious amounts of CSI knowledge, this is your moment to shine. Nothing says "dramatic entrance" like handing a regular commenter their ass in a quiz.

Okay, GO.

June 9, 2008

Harrison Ford, you're my hero.

"Indiana Jones Star Fights For Tigers"

And Robert Duvall - who is lending his support as well and called tigers "the single most beautiful animal in the world" - you're my hero too.