May 3, 2008

While I attempt to make sense of the breakdown of talks between / extension of talks between the SAG and the AMPTP for you, let's catch up on American politics, shall we? But let's not waste too much time on it. I present the Entire Democratic Political Race to Date. Seven minutes to total US democratic political enlightenment. Now with Aragorn!

American politics is only hard to follow if you have absolutely no long or short term memory at all. To quote Justin Timberlake, "what goes around comes around". It's all a big circle-jerk of posturing and rehash, folks! The majority of middle America takes comfort in identifiable commodities. There can be no other way to explain two George Bushes in office and now the potential for another Clinton. Black man or white woman? Black man or white woman? America has never faced such a difficult decision. My guess is they bags on choosing and go Republican instead. The fun, it never stops.

Entire Democratic Political Race to Date video via QuizLaw.

April 29, 2008

Your Weekly Catherine

Week Sixteen

A Quickie.

I'm goddamn motherfucking busy (take that, Cuss-O-Meter) so this one is just a "take her behind the gym to get to third base before French class" quickie.


*refrains from adding comments that would make the imagery even more lewd*

*moves on*

Marg in real life.

Marg in a photo shoot.

I think Marg (and therefore, obviously, Catherine) is an absolutely lovely woman. So it's more than a little bit disturbing that she appears to possess no pores or unvarnished flesh in the second photo. I don't want to say that airbrushing and photoshopping are out of control these days but... what the holy mother was wrong with what they started with?

Discuss amongst yourselves.

Torch, try to play nice.