April 17, 2008

If Disney and Calvin Klein had bastard offspring they would be...

Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid.

Phoebus from The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Prince Philip from Sleeping Beauty.

These formerly clean-cut (now just cut) animated heroes have been given the soft-core CK ad treatment by deviantART's David Kawena. Visionary. And probably not the sort of Fanart Friday post that Homie Bear is likely to feature anytime soon. So I've stepped in and taken that bullet for you.

If Disney/Beckham style mash-ups offend you, well, what can I say? The Crypt featuring mostly naked men is akin to a snowball rolling around the Sahara so in due course I'll be back to normal and waxing poetic about Catherine Willows and Sharon Stone again. Enjoy it while it lasts. And maybe keep the kids away from the screen or Disney will become the new Playboy for them.
Presented out of sheer unadulterated boredom,
The Five Songs Meme

There are always rules:
Open the complete music library on your computer or iPod. Set it to 'random' or 'shuffle'. Press play. Write down the first five songs that come up. No skipping.

1. Sent For You Yesterday – Count Basie/Jimmy Rushi
2. Cherry – Harry James & His Musicmakers
3. Shut Up – Black Eyed Peas
4. I Will Survive - Cake
5. Soul Auctioneer – Death in Vegas

*blank stare*

Well hell. I'm actually as surprised as you are that no NSync, Disney soundtracks, or Cher came up. I swear I wasn't cheating.

Alright, I'll do it again.

1. Meat Plow – Stone Temple Pilots
2. Suspicious Minds – Dwight Yoakam
3. Game of Love – Michelle Branch
4. Dolphin Fins & Metal Pins – Seven Devil Fix
5. Blame It on My Youth – Brad Mehldau

Well, you know what they say. The proof's in the pudding. I'm just not as uncool as you expected.

Now it's your turn. In the bites.

April 15, 2008

Your Weekly Catherine

Week Fourteen

There are classic or truly unforgettable episodes in any long-running TV show and fans will always be able to identify those episodes with a single evocative word. During The X-Files heyday I could have said 'flukeman' or 'Eve 6' and if you were a fan, you'd know immediately which episode I was referring to. CSI is no different. And the episode in question today can be summed up with the word 'furries'.

Catherine and Sexy Kitty

CSI Season Four gave us many memorable episodes and more than a few exquisite Catherine moments but among the varied and wondrous romps through the neon-lit Vegas underbelly, the episode 'Fur and Loathing' was one of those standout moments that you never forget. Not only did it bring plushies and furries into mainstream homes, it provided us with the following sparkling duel of wits between Catherine and Grissom:

Catherine: Okay... Well, I have heard of some guys getting off in some weird ways... but humping an animal suit? Whatever happened to normal sex?
Grissom: What is normal sex?
Catherine: Uh... you think it's normal for a grown human to only be intimate with a talking animal?
Grissom: Well, Freud said that the only unusual sexual behavior was not to have any at all. After that, it was only a matter of opportunity and preference. Some people obviously prefer the feel of fur to the texture of human skin.
Catherine: Well, I like a hairy chest, but that doesn't mean I'm going to go bop a six-foot weasel.

And this one:

Grissom: Whoa, this is incredibly detailed. Eyelashes, nostrils...
Catherine: Oh yeah, that's what you see out of. I once dated the Detroit Lions Mascot. Off season. Dutch was his name.
Grissom: The breadth of your social experience never ceases to impress me.

'Fur and Loathing' is probably not a stunningly accurate portrayal of the furry lifestyle but it delivers the entertaining character banter darker shows don't allow and comic relief amongst dead bodies and hardened criminals is a welcome thing.