March 18, 2008

Your Weekly Catherine

Week Ten

The photo above is a promo shot of Marg as Catherine for a recent season of CSI. There's another one just like it of Grissom on the bed facing the other way. They're intriguing shots and loaded with suggestion, I just know it. I used to delight in analyzing The Sopranos promo shots with a co-worker each season because they were staged purposely to hint at revelations that would feature in the upcoming season. So each one was not only arty and cool but loaded with meaning. And these last seasons CSI has taken up that torch. (HA! 'Torch'. See what I did there?)

So if you have an idea on what the suggestion in this shot is, feel free to share. Torch, I can't imagine you won't come up with yet another witty put-down succinctly expressing how much you hate Catherine. Maybe, to help the cause, I'll post the Season Six teaser shot as well. When this one was released CBS told viewers that clues to the final two episodes of the season were contained in the image.

Hint: for larger version of an image, just click on it.

March 16, 2008

In the past month, the following Google searches have led here to The Crypt:

1. Gabrielle Zebra
2. anjelica huston beaut
3. csi teams swing shift graveyard shift
4. Marion Cotillard vampire
5. what is the equation for a self heating coffee can?

I've said it before but it bears repeating: I really can't make stuff like this up. Real life is almost always weirder than fiction.

(And Torch? The Catherine resolution is here to stay. Aside from the joy that driving you slowly batty brings me, random Google searches demand CSI entries.)
Before you scoff, check it out.
It's Britney Spears' new single off her unfairly catchy Blackout album. The track is 'Break the Ice' and the video is an anime crime fighting fantasy that is actually quite cool.

Honestly, if I were a pop star (sane or nutjob, it wouldn't make a difference) and an animator offered to turn me into a cartoon, I'd accept. No question. Except my video would be closer to Jem and the Holograms than Sailor Moon.