March 4, 2008

Your Weekly Catherine

Week Eight

Catherine admiring Nick's muscles.

There was once an episode involving a murder in a swimming pool. Grissom discovered that something was clogging the filter and told Nick and Warrick to retrieve it. So Nick and Warrick flipped a coin to see who had to strip off their shirt and dive in. I was watching with my sister and at the moment of the coin toss we turned to each other and said "Heads or tails, we win" because let's be honest about the beauty of Nick's and/or Warrick's physique. Heads, tails, either way the viewer gets a treat.

All that to say that while Catherine's admiration of Nick's muscles in this scene happened to be sarcastic - she was making a point about male vanity after Nick had expressed disdain at the level of vanity women possess - if I were her, I'd probably be a lot more hands-on.

Then again, if I were Nick or Warrick I'd probably be a lot more hands-on with Catherine. So fair's fair.