February 11, 2008

Your Weekly Catherine

Week Six

Vampires are everywhere. Even on CSI.
Here is Catherine with the stake specially made for her by lab-rat Greg in the season four episode 'Suckers'. In it Catherine and Warrick investigate the death of a goth girl and coven leader who died by bleeding out (exsanguination, they call it) despite the total lack of any blood evidence at the crime scene. Catherine never does use the stake so thoughtfully provided which I like to think means she's a supporter of us undead. Though, to be fair, she never takes the stake with her either. So Buffy she ain't.

There are some fun facts about 'Suckers' for you trivia buffs out there, too. In a weird case of art imitating life, James Haven, the infamous kissed-on-the-mouth brother of Angelina Jolie, played a 'vampire' named Lazarus Kane who wore a vial of the dead goth girl's blood. Also in the other storyline - the one where Grissom and Sara are investigating the theft of a collection of antique Japanese artifacts from a casino - the brother of the gorgeous and amazing Anjelica Huston, Danny Huston, played the casino manager. It's the episode of brotherly love! Which seems fitting seeing as how this entry is part of my sisterly love for you, Skotty.


February 10, 2008

In today's So Strange It Must Be True pop culture news, I bring you this:

The Fly is being turned into an opera.

Remember The Fly? Jeff Goldblum as a scientist who has created matter teleportation devices who, when attempting to teleport himself, ends up in a very bad way when it turns out that a fly was in the other telepod? You know, "help me, heeeeellllp meeeee"? THAT The Fly? The one that answers the age-old Trek question of what happens if you transport to the exact spot where somebody else is standing? Yep, well it's going to be an opera.

The L.A. Opera production will feature music by Howard Shore (yes, the composer of LOTR, though to be fair he's done a lot else too), design by Dante Ferretti (who, among other things, has designed Casino, Interview with the Vampire, and Sweeney Todd), will be conducted by Placido Domingo (really, does PLACIDO DOMINGO need an introduction?), and will be directed by none other than The Fly's original director, David Cronenberg.

This is not a joke. This is opera I can get into.