February 9, 2008

Bunnicula is the story of a vampire bunny who drains the juice out of vegetables.

The family cat is convinced Bunnicula is a danger and that the fang-imprinted and oddly white drained vegetables are just the first step in Bunnicula's reign of terror. He tries many times to kill the vampire bunny but never succeeds.

We vampires, even in bunny form, are a hardy lot. Foolish mortals. You can't kill us! You and your vegetables are proverbial sitting ducks.

February 8, 2008

There may soon potentially be a possible end to the Writer's Strike. Maybe.

Yes, it's still going. If you're a TV watcher you may have noticed an influx of re-runs, reality programming, and basic crap. The talk shows got back on the air without writers (so they were winging it) until individual side deals could be made between parent studios and the WGA. Except for Letterman whose Worldwide Pants Corporation made the first side deal of this horrific strike and was allowed back on air with writers. Side deals aside (ha!) however, the strike is still going strong.

So despite what Michael Eisner has been saying, the Writer's Strike is not yet over. Soon, perhaps, as talks have resumed and progress is being made. But not yet. You can't trust anything Michael Eisner says. I mean the man was more or less fired by a mouse. Think about that.

February 6, 2008

I can only assume total indifference for so long amidst the distraction of you blathering in my ear.

(No not you, Balthazar darling. Theoretically this one is job related.)

February 5, 2008

Your Weekly Catherine.

Week Five

Catherine examining evidence in the ultra-cool blue hued CSI lab. If only geeking out over science were really as rock'n'roll hip as they make it out to be.

Question for the writers (whenever they finally get to abandon their pickets and get back to saving us unwashed masses from the scourge of reality TV): What happened to Cat's promotion? She was swing shift supervisor with Nick and Warrick assigned to her team then Nick got buried alive and the teams united to save him. The graveyard shift was then formally reunited under Grissom's leadership for the next season and has been ever since but no mention has ever been made of what became of Catherine's promotion. Is she still a supervisor? Is she Grissom's assistant supervisor? What's the deal?

February 3, 2008

Alright, I'm broke. Theatre is not a lucrative line of work to be in. Anybody who says "Oh I'm totally in theatre for the mountainous piles of cold hard cash I earn" is either a lying son of a bitch or is actually in Hollywood based film and therefore an idiot who doesn't know the difference.

Either way... stupid.

In theatre I am rich in other ways. I am rich in stress, in six day workweeks, in air kissing, in creating new ways to re-invent the wheel only cheaper this time, and caffeine overloads. I am also rich in love. Because if you don't love it, why in god's name would you do it?

So, to reiterate, I am broke. Not sort of broke or on the downward slope to broke or soon-to-be broke but actually broke. However, I am rich in theatre. And whenever my parents ask why I don't have money since I appear to work all the damn time, all I can say is "That's theatre, that's the beauty of it".

I'm not sure what this says about me, but I still wouldn't rather do anything else.