November 21, 2007

I added a new link under the 'M' in the vampire part of vampirenomad. Go on, click it. CLICK IT! Okay see? Now you're at Anjelic, a very respectful and well-maintained Anjelica Huston website. "Why?" you're asking. Because I'm now one of the two webmistresses of Anjelic. The fabulously talented Jenn owns it and I am her new co-webmistress. So when you see updates by Gabrielle there, that's me.

No, I don't have enough to do already, apparently.

What's your favorite Anjelica Huston movie? (This will give you an opportunity to check the venerable IMDb - the 'I' in vampirenomad - to figure out what movies she's been in before you answer. See how easy I'm making this?)

I won't tell you my favorites until you answer. I asked first so that's totally my right.

November 19, 2007

What freaks me out? Not a lot. Okay, except, you know...

What did you think it was a picture of? I've always been terrified of pink-hued skies. No, wind. I have ancraophobia. Fear of wind. And I live in Wellington!

I don't even know what kind of spider that is. It's the first one that came up in Wikipedia because I couldn't handle a Google Image search. That's just too many spider visuals on one page. *shudder* So physically small, so emotionally large on absolute fucking terror.

It's a privilege. Not a right.

Tom Cruise.
He had me at "Xenu".

Whatever this is, it's freaking me out.