August 23, 2007

Hollywood is full of celebutards and stars getting arrested for various things every day (driving the wrong way down a freeway exit ramp while stoned, driving under a license suspended for DUI, driving angry, driving drunk with a pocketful of cocaine, driving drunk and racist, etc, etc) but none of these so-called "professional entertainers" has yet found a way to get arrested in style. Until now.

Hollywood, pay attention. If you're going to drive drunk and get arrested, do it like Bill Murray. Bill Murray was arrested in Stockholm, Sweden for driving a GOLF CART while under the influence. The cart was not on a golf course at the time of the arrest. Nor, the arresting officer noted, did Bill Murray display "obvious signs" of intoxication "like when someone is really tipsy". He refused a breath-analysis, citing American legislation, so they took a blood sample. He then signed a document authorizing a police officer to enter a guilty plea on his behalf if the case goes to court. Then he was pretty much on his merry way, free to fly back to the States with stories to tell about the time he was drunk but classy in a golf cart on Stockholm's streets.

I don't advocate drunk driving. Or actually drunkenness at all, from a personal standpoint. But by god if you're gonna do it, do it with style! Do it with a little pizazz. Do it like Bill marthafocking Murray, man!

... golf cart... priceless... *laugh*

August 20, 2007

When I went in to touch up the paint onstage in the Studio this afternoon, I discovered something terrible. The set is painted with "gravel" but the paint pot the designer left me for touch-ups is "espresso". So either brown is the new grey or the stage will just have to look rugged for awhile.