August 8, 2007

At 1:30 am when I should have been sleeping to prepare for the start of rehearsals on yet another new play this morning, I was instead sitting up with a friend watching The Witches. Fuck sleep, man. That's serious entertainment right there! Worth every sleepless second. Though I can tell you that if I had seen Anjelica Huston peel off her lovely (if imperiously made up) face when I was just a kiddie, I would have shit myself in terror.

From this:

to this:

And the accent! Oz and I were peeing ourselves laughing. We both love Anjelica and since I've seen just about every film she's ever made and know she can nail any accent she likes with total authenticity (her Irish is gorgeous), this one cracked us up. German? Austrian? Dutch? Transylvanian? She must have been aiming for "a little bit of everywhere". She succeeded brilliantly.

Here's the part that confuses me. The Grand High Witch (Anjelica) wanted to turn all the kids in the UK into mice with a magic potion. Okay. That's bad how? I mean... they're kids. And mice are cute. And they could still talk when in rodent form so really, where's the loss? This is up there with not understanding why the Baroness Von Schrader in The Sound of Music was so terribly wicked for wanting to marry the rich hunky widower and pack all his kids off to boarding school for me. It's a solid plan, man. Maria's the insane one in my books. Seven children? Where's the Grand High Witch when you really need her?

August 5, 2007

Do you know I'd never seen Ghostbusters until two nights ago? How did that happen? I thought I'd worked my way through great 80s movies and Sigourney Weaver's entire filmography. In any case, the oversight has been remedied. I cried with laughter. What a classic!

"Listen! Do you smell that?"

And now I wish more people came to the door so I could open it in high couture 80s glam mode with "Are you the KEYMASTER?"

Last night... or early yesterday morning... theatre schedules are very biologically confusing, even for a vampire... we watched Beetlejuice. I love that movie more every time I see it. And I can't believe I've never gone as Lydia for Halloween!

Just now we watched Death Becomes Her. If you've never seen it, you really should. Madeline Ashton is the prototype bitch for Meryl Streep's brilliant The Devil Wears Prada character. Even if you don't find the black humour of Death Becomes Her appealing (and trust me, it's very funny), Meryl is an absolute GENIUS in it. And Bruce Willis plays wildly against type to great effect as the hapless Ernest Menville.

I had three days off, you see. By "days off" I mean half-days. Days where I only work one show instead of two in my endless theatre schedule. It's amazing how after months of back-to-back shows and seven day weeks, three half days feels like an entire vacation! I love it! *grin*

Now, everybody...

"Shake, shake, shake senora, shake your body line... shake, shake, shake senora, shake it all the time... okay, I believe you! Jump in the line, rock your body in time..."