May 18, 2007

You will NEVER guess what I got in the mail today!

*drum roll*

A Team Zissou red beanie and Team Zissou Intern pin.

I DID! I am deadly serious. I am now the proud owner of an official Team Zissou red beanie and pin which I am totally wearing right now.

I look exactly like this: Except I'm not Bill Murray.

You know what the definition of true love is? Buying your girlfriend a Team Zissou red beanie and intern pin on the sly because she's obsessed with The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. Balthazar, you are a god among boyfriends!

May 17, 2007

Rustyangel recently called me out for not updating The Crypt more often.

Pot? Kettle. You, my friend, are black.

Then, in an email to me, Duckie called Rustyangel out on taking all the credit for the photo in the last post. Reportedly that photo's digital existence and subsequent emailing to me was not Rusty's idea alone. It was a collaborative effort between him, Blu, and mostly Duckie.

So now I've killed two birds with one stone. I've updated by giving credit where it's totally due. God I'm amazing. If superheroes were human I'd be one.

Which brings us tidily to our discussion topic for today:
If Spiderman is based on the theory that a spider's abilities fused with a human male host, shouldn't he shoot web out his ass instead of his wrists? Discuss.

May 14, 2007

Thanks to Rustyangel for the photo.

There really is a business to match every conceivable need. Awesome.

I wonder if they charge extra to inspect VAMPIRE nomads given the late night callout?