May 6, 2007

Admittedly, I'm behind in my CSI watching. I watch it on DVD because I hate TV and commericals and waiting a week for each episode. I just started Season Five. So this will be old news to all you up-to-date CSIphiles out there (Kimdianna, my fellow obsessee, I'm looking at you) but still... I had to share.

In last night's episode, Sara may or may not have a drinking problem. I'm totally identifying with Sara right now. Not with the workaholic tendencies or the patience or the stickler for small details or the crush on Grissom... not with that. But with the drinking. I'm rooting for you, girl! You can beat this thing. *feels a sisterhood with Sara*

And also in last night's episode, Catherine's hot but incredibly slimy boyfriend was caught cheating on her.
Actor Nicholas Lea who plays said hot but slimy cheating bastard boyfriend of Catherine.

He is the same guy who played Krycek on The X-Files all those years ago so you'd think that would have been a tip-off that he was more slimy than not. Then again TV show realities probably don't cross over in TVdom like they do in my brain. (I used to think that Colonel Decker should have stopped chasing the A-Team himself and just hired Hunter and Michael Knight to do it for him but I don't think that's how TV works.) Anyway... my friend and I totally called him for a snake the moment Cath first made eyes at him. I understand it's hard to find quality men these days, especially in Vegas, but come ON! All the blame can't fall on Catherine, though. Granted, she should have watched more X-Files and her snake radar was apparently on the blink that day (an ex-stripper should be able to spot a slimeball from 50 paces) but ultimately he's the bastard who cheated so she has all my sympathy. Seriously, this: is not the sort of woman you cheat on. She's the sort you cheat with. If you're going to cheat at all, I mean. And I'm not endorsing it. I'm just saying.

Slimeboy's defense was classic. He's got his pants around his ass and he's banging a barely-legal skantily-clad waitress over the desk in his office at the club he runs. Catherine walks in, stops, he turns, stops, and then offers this pearl of wisdom to Catherine: "Well what do you expect? I work in a nightclub."

OH! Damn, of COURSE! Silly girl. He works in a NIGHTCLUB! He's not responsible for his own actions, the club made him do it. Jim Beam made him do it. Classic.

Alright... I'll now return you to your non-CSI-oriented lives.