March 10, 2007

Happy Birthday, Ms. Stone!

You get more fabulous every year.
Don't ever stop.

March 5, 2007

The Collage Post.

No, it's not supposed to say college. It's collage as in "quilt-like collection of seemingly unconnected images into a single work of art". (I totally made that definition up, by the way. I could work for Merriam-Webster.) Or, if you prefer a more politically correct term, The Melting-Pot Post. In which I randomly blurt out a lot of disconnected thoughts held together by the tenuous beauty of association by proxy.

I'm not even sure that last sentence made sense. But it sounds nice and that's what counts.

I'm currently reading: The Vampyre by Tom Holland.

I'm currently listening to: Stay by Shakespear's Sister. (Don't you remember them? God that song rocked. I'm big into nostalgia lately. Also The Life Aquatic soundtrack.)

I'm not wearing: A Team Zissou red beanie.

I am wearing: DIRTY! All of you have dirty minds.

Art Moment for Today:
"The Alchemist" from Griffin and Sabine by Nick Bantock. I absolutely love his work.

Quote for Today:
"Did you see the sky today? Talk about blue!" ~ Kronk

I just watched: Manhattan Murder Mystery. I'm not a Woody Allen fan really - I find his nervous babbling incredibly annoying. Oh right, that's his 'style'. I don't dig it. But I have always loved Alan Alda (Hawkeye Pierce could operate on me any day. I told you my perceptions of the medical profession are permanently skewed thanks to Hollywood) and of course I always love Anjelica Huston. I also find Diane Keaton very endearing. And the plot appeals to me because I was one of those kids forever hoping to stumble upon a mystery (a la Nancy Drew) or a conspiracy (a la The Maltese Falcon) or both (sort of like Manhattan Murder Mystery).

Hypochondriac Moment for Today: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Yes, I realize that making only five coffees an hour doesn't technically even qualify as "work" much less as entry into the Repetitive Stress Injury club but I swear to god I have a shooting pain in my right wrist. And since I'm not a guy...

... quick segue...

Did you see the sky today? Talk about blue!

So. Tell me something I don't know about your day.