February 15, 2007

Things that have made me happy this week in no particular order and presented visually for the long-post reading impaired:

Peanut Butter. CANADIAN peanut butter. Thanks to my sister and to Kimdianna and Blarg.

Half Magic by Edward Eager. One of my favorite kids' books. Thanks to my darling Balthazar. (And ebay.)

Prizzi's Honor. A John Huston film and, though you can't tell from this picture, the movie that won his daughter Anjelica her Best Supporting Actress Oscar. Well fucking deserved is all I can say about that. Besides Anjelica (which is usually enough) this movie has everything - humour, violence, humorous violence, greed, corruption, true love, the mob, Jack Nicholson... rent it.

The brand new Seven Devil Fix CD!! Soundtrack To A Place Unseen. Thanks hugely to Homie. (Thorough review to follow once I've stopped rocking out long enough to type one.)

And finally, Morticia and Gomez Addams. As portrayed by the inimitable Anjelica Huston and Raul Julia.