December 30, 2006

An exciting "news" tidbit surfaced on recently. It concerns one Freddie Mercury and one Johnny Depp. Rumours are a-flying, apparently, that the former will be portrayed in a bio-pic by the latter to be produced by, get this, Robert DeNiro's Tribeca Productions. To verify, since Defamer claimed to have gotten its "news" from the official Brian May site, I visited the guitarist's site myself and learned the following:

Wed 20 Dec 06

Christina Zinner asked about a news report in the Mail On Sunday, 17 December....

Yes, I saw this ...

The truth is ...

Discussions are at an early stage .... I don't know where this story came from, but I think someone in the media, as usual, has taken a punt ... of course these opportunists have little to lose ... who cares about truth these days? Certainly not the tabloid press.

But you're right about one thing ... Johnny Depp is fantastic. He would be a worthy counterpart for Freddie on screen. I don't think I can say any more right now.


End Quote**

I read this, loosely translated, as meaning something close to "Damn the press and their ill-advised, poorly-researched rumours! Okay... it MIGHT be true. But I'm not commenting. Long live Johnny Depp."

The thing to do now is pray. Because if this were to become reality, it would be single greatest casting move since the words "Jack" and "Sparrow" or "Edward" and "Scissorhands" were put together. Johnny Depp as Freddie Mercury? Yeah, exactly. That's what I'm talking about.

**(Quote taken without permission but with no intent to infringe or offend from Leave me a bite if you work for Brian May and require the removal of this quote.)

December 29, 2006

Christmas was fabulous. Fabulous! And yours?

Moving on... I've noticed that Homie has been posting his "best of 2006" series and that started me thinking about what I would place on my own "best of" lists. But then I decided I'd just link to Homie's lists instead because the bear has respectable taste and why compete with that? So visit The Woods to see what Homie thought of entertainment in 2006.

As for me, 2006 has been a year of many firsts and many great adventures but entertainment-wise it will always be known as the year I developed my posthumous crush on Freddie Mercury. I know, I know... Queen has been around longer than I have but I was never really encouraged to get into popular music when I was young and it took me awhile to discover the full scope of Queen's genius on my own. Now that I am solidly hooked on the greatness of such classic tracks as Somebody To Love, The Show Must Go On, I Want To Break Free, Under Pressure, Killer Queen, Flash, Save Me, and of course the brilliant Bohemian Rhapsody, I have also discovered the allure of Freddie Mercury. (This should really come as no surprise to anybody, especially not to Gotthammer Mike who is fond of noting my preference for effeminate and/or gay celebrities.)

I may be late hitching onto the Queen popularity train, but I still have couple of surprises for you. Utilizing the power of Kimdianna's beloved Wikipedia, I learned some fun things about the inimitable Freddie Mercury. For example, his name wasn't actually Freddie Mercury. It was Farrokh Bulsara. He was born on the African island of Zanzibar which was then a British colony and is now a part of Tanzania. Cool, eh? What's more, Mercury loved cats. Says Wikipedia, "According to the January 2004 edition of Cat Fancy, Mercury possessed a great fondness for cats, at one point owning as many as ten. Mercury's personal assistant, Peter Freestone, wrote that his boss "put as much importance on them [his cats] as any human life."[23] The album Mr. Bad Guy and the song "Delilah" were dedicated to cats, and Mercury wore clothes featuring cats in videos and on album covers."

So, in tribute, here is a picture of Freddie Mercury:

And here is a picture of Poe, my cat: