September 25, 2006

"Wind is the roughly horizontal movement of air (as opposed to an air current) caused by uneven heating of the Earth's surface."

My good friend Kimdianna is fond of researching obscure scientific things via Wikipedia for her blog, Bamboo Fishbowl. Thus I dedicate this post to her. The above quote on wind is taken from the Wikipedia entry on the subject. Lots of interesting doo-dads (technical term) in there about wind and how it's formed and why and yada yada. But the real question is, how do you deal with ancraophobia? Ancraophobia = fear of wind.

The short answer is "Don't move to Wellington."

Long term, however, there appears to be a lot more hope if, say, I were wanting to delve into the mysteries of hynotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming to re-form my "constructs", or energy psychology. So... good then. There's, you know, hope. And stuff.

I suppose, putting a positive spin on things, I should just be glad I've got a wind phobia. I imagine it would be far more intrusive to life in general if I were to suffer from, for example, allodoxaphobia (fear of opinions) or barophobia (fear of gravity) or genuphobia (fear of knees) or, you know, polyphobia (fear of many things). I sort of admire how phobias completely cover all aspects of life. Literally if something exists, you can develop an irrational and crippling fear of it. Like wind. It's a real pain in the ass to be afraid of wind in Wellington in summer. It's not as though I panned down the list of available phobias and thought "Ooooh WIND, that sounds cool."

Still, there's gotta be an explanation. Or a solution that doesn't involve "neuro-linguistic programming". Kimdianna, if you're reading this, maybe you could do one of your famous scientific searches and come up with other options for curing my ancraophobia.