September 21, 2006

The world is very North America-centric. Most of the webpages I'm used to surfing and any of the fashion magazines I used to love are all focussed on fall right now. Rich autumn hues and warm woolens and all that nonsense. Blogs by friends back home are talking about how everything is amping up for fall and they're busier than ever as school starts again and what-have-you.

Here, on the bottom of the world, we're gearing up for summer. The days are stretching out into lingering twilights, the cold is warming up, the sun is pulsing, the wind is roaring... EAT THAT, NORTH AMERICA! Which may explain why Auckland has it's own Fashion Week to compete with New York's. Because nobody here cares a fig whether Calvin Klein and Badgley Mischka are announcing new knits for fall or if turtlenecks are back in vogue. Here we care about flirty summer dresses from Annah Stretton and Alannah Hill. Because we're gearing up for summer.

HAHAHA SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!

The only time this will turn tail and bite me is when Christmas comes around. Perhaps it's the North American genetic imprint in me that refuses to die, but I can not get used to brilliant sunny BBQ-style Christmases on the beach. Come December 25th I want blustery snow drifting about the window whilst we gather, wearing many layers, around the bedecked tree. I do NOT want a Christmas in a bikini. *tragic sigh* However, December 23rd and 26th and so on, I'm totally okay with endless hours of gorgeous sunlight and hot steamy nights of summer.

HAHAHA SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!