August 16, 2006

Lovely vampire portrait by artist Edvard Munch circa 1893...

One can only assume that Munch's uber-famous The Scream took place directly before this painting. I'm sure screaming is the instinctive response of most mortals upon encountering a vampire. Fair enough.

I also very much like the way Edvard Munch spells his name with a "v" instead of a "w" like everybody else. It's as though Bela Lugosi named him. "Ah, Edvard. You make beautiful paintings. I vant you to make one for me specially. Vill you do it, Edvard?" It's so Transylvanian gothic. I'm making up my own lore now, cross-pollinating from vampire legend to legendary art. God, I love the omnipotence of writing!

I vant you to love it too.