July 20, 2006

Response to the Bites on the Last Post...

Random capitalization of non-essential words aside (how very Shatnerian of me), this post is a direct reply to all the comments you lovely mortals made on the last post. Just to show you that bites are important and I read them and I care. (Which reminds me of You Don't Know Jack... "the question that cares"... I'm very Dennis Miller tonight - all sideways obscure references that make me laugh and probably confuse the hell out of my readers. Well... I make no apologies. I write therefore I am. Thinking is not necessarily part of that equation.)

Firstly, country. The mere mention of country "music" raised a shitstorm response amongst you. Most of you concur with me that "music" is a term best used very loosely when describing country but one of you (*cough*HOMIE*cough*) accused me of being a music bigot. Man, I laughed at that! Music bigot. Wheeeee! Okay, yes. Sometimes I am a music bigot. But one thing I am not is a music snob. What's the difference? My (god bless 'em) coworkers, for an example. I'm bigoted against country "music" because it sucks. But I'm not a snob about it. I mean I'll listen to pretty much anything else that strikes my fancy and I don't worry about my music being "cool" or "hip" or "artistic" or whatever the kids are calling it these days. "Emo" maybe. Whatever. If I hear a song and that song is catchy and I like it and I groove along, then I'm happy. If that song turns out to be the latest from Fat Freddy's Drop or, oh hell, Gnarls Barkley or Cat Power or whatever, then fine. I suppose I'm "edgy". But if that song turns out to be the latest from Pink or Kelly Clarkson or, you know, Enrique Iglesias, then that's fine too. I'm not going to hate a track just on the basis of it being popular. Or by an artist deemed "uncool". How very high school! My coworkers, however, operate on the high school principle. If it's not obscure and artsy, then it's not cool, and if it's not cool, then they can't listen to it. And they'll mock it relentlessly without reason or, say, listening to it first. And that's another difference between being a music bigot and a music snob. I've listened to a lot of country in my day. My beloved former boss, Aarongorn, loved country. Thus we split our time equally between Top 40 and Country in the workplace and I can say with some degree of assurance that four straight hours of country "music" five days every week didn't at all change my opinion on the matter. It still sucks. But I have a firm grounding upon which to make that claim. You see?

Anyway, country does suck and those of you who love it probably consider black cowboy hats "formal dress" and think Groundhog Day is a special day set aside for shooting ground-dwelling rodents whilst drunk. I'm not making any judgement calls, I'm just SAYING...

Christmas music, on the other hand, I love. However, like Blarg, I find that it gets overdone. For some reason it feels as though there are only fourteen Christmas songs in the world and that every artist from Mozart to Britney has had a go at interpreting those fourteen songs and we are then subjected to an endless rotation of variations on the fourteen songs for months on end every year. I love Christmas music but I hate the forced merriment that retail rolls out annually. Yes Blarg, I hear you.

As for Gotthammer's question on where undead VampireNomad posts go when they "die", I have no idea. It's ironic that I work in an archive since I have so little practical knowledge on archiving things as a rule. I know they all live on in my Blogger Dashboard but as I didn't make my template, I didn't create an Archive link. And even if I had made my template, I wouldn't have the foggiest idea how to make an Archive link. *laugh* Gotthammer, maybe if you speak really nicely to Homie, he can create a special little Crypt where all my undead posts can gather together to be read by adoring mortals like yourself.

By the way, Rustyangel, I pity your five movie trailer rotation hell. Nothing is worse than listening to That Trailer Guy intone Serious Prose overtop of heinously overdone Hollywood crap for eight hours a day. You'd love my work. My boss, a fellow Front of House employee and I like starting our days listening to Blind Melon's "No Rain". We crank it in the half-hour before we open and it acts like a sort of caffeine IV, pumping us up and making everything alright.

Feel free to dissect my musical taste (or lack thereof) in the bites but remember - music snobs are not welcome. Bigots, sure. Snobs, no.