May 31, 2006

Where the hell does the expression "sick as a dog" come from? Are dogs really very ill often? As usual, when confronted with a baffling question, I consult the Wikipedia, a questionable anthology of pretty much everything with definitions that defy explanation so therefore must be true. (It is through the genius of the Wikipedia that I learned what "pansexual" is.) And you know what? "Sick as a dog" isn't in the damn Wikipedia! This thing has everything from what the hell Lance Bass is doing right now to articles on sickle cell anemia. I must therefore conclude (though not, ironically, conclusively) that "sick as a dog" is about as accurate a description as "sick as the Loch Ness Monster". It has no basis in reality. Dogs aren't really more sick than the rest of us. So I can't honestly say I've been sick as a dog this past week because it's not a fair comparison to our canine friends. (And since Lassie is smarter than all of you, she's reading this in twelve languages right now. Don't diss the pooches.) Therefore I will simply say that I've been sick.

I've been (addendum: very) sick.

That's my excuse for not updating frequently. Or ever.

Also, while I've been ill major celebrity events have been happening. STRANGE THINGS HAVE BEEN AFOOT AT THE CIRCLE K. What baby? No, no, friends, BIG things! Think ELVEN. By which I mean that Marton Csokas (and if you don't know who he is, you really don't visit the Crypt enough) has recently been signed to the world-dominating and all-powerful William Morris Agency out of Beverly Hills. Marton is now represented by an agent from the 90212 area code. Isn't that impressive? Soon all Hollywood will be eating out of the palm of his ridiculously sexy hand. (via the Marton Csokas Archives)


I'm gonna go whine for attention now. Oh hey... maybe that's the connection...