May 20, 2006

Finding Craig

Or perhaps I should call it Saving Private Parker with the implied part being "... from obscurity". Somebody at Ye Olde Job asked what sort of job I was going to do now and I answered "I'd love to be Craig Parker's personal assistant". Which, from what I can ascertain, would mostly be a paid vacation as Craig hops from nothing to LOTR Convention to nothing to LOTR Convention to... you get the picture.

But I am pleased to interrupt Craig's repetitive cycle of unemployment and Ringhead speaking gigs with the following breaking news:

Craig Parker is scheduled to appear in the Oliver Driver-directed play Glide Time at the Maidment Theatre in Auckland starting June 14th. Glide Time, while not really on the same level as, say, Marton Csokas storming Film Festivals and critics alike with his universally-lauded portrayal of morbidly jealous Edgar opposite Natasha Richardson in Asylum, is nonetheless a step in the right direction for dear Craig. Meaning, it's work. But more importantly, it's work in New Zealand.

Too long has Craig skipped merrily around the world reminding fanboys and girls that yes, Elves can die and then be killed again in a long slow Convention-strangled creative death to boot. Craig, darling, you're good enough, you're strong enough, and goddammit people like you. GET TO WORK. Start filming things again. Or doing regular theatre gigs. For godsakes you're acting like Brent Spiner. You're young and hot and not a Star Trek alum so GET TO WORK!

I believe in you, Craig. Despite too many Power Rangers voice overs to name, No One Can Hear You, and the Swedish Prop World Convention *sigh*, I believe in you. You were brilliant as Haldir and adorably captivating as Alistair Kingsley so for the last time, GET TO WORK! Glide Time is good. Serial Killers in London was good. Maintain focus. You too can aspire to be killed off by Matt Damon in a Bourne sequel! Of course you can! Don't sell yourself short. You just have to want it.

May 16, 2006

Specific Questions about The Lord of the Rings Motion Picture Trilogy - The Exhibition.

Asked and answered here for your reading pleasure. (Blarg, this may involve slight scrolling. I apologize in advance.)

From Selkie: Were there any creepy wax figures there?

Yes. There was one. Laying in a boat, sword clasped in hands, shield at his head, was the exquisitely rendered and fabulously detailed wax figure of Boromir used in the sequence of Fellowship when they send his body over the falls after he dies defending Merry and Pippin from (to quote Pippin) "many foes". In fact, this wax figure of Boromir is so life-like that visitors to the Exhibition have been known to panic and run screaming about Boromir "being alive" to the Exhibition staff from time to time. It seems the lights heat the wax and his hands, detailed even down to the hairs and pores, do move slightly as they warm up. We simply expected Sean Bean to stretch, get up, and tag in David Wenham for his shift as "the Gondorian body". That's how real Boromir looks.

From Homie: Was it the guy from Twizel?

No. I laughed and laughed (after I remembered who you were talking about) and can assure you that it was not the guy from Twizel. My assistant manager and friend J was an extra for Rings. She played both a Lothlorien Elf maiden and a Rivendell one as well as a Helm's Deep Elven warrior. She met everyone, observed much, and has a million hilarious (and sometimes scandalous) stories to tell.

Bonus details for Selkie

Did you know that Galadriel's gown was made in India and detailed by hand with thousands of tiny glass beads? Also, I saw Celeborn's belt and "mithril" neck piece and Haldir's sword and bow. And, weirdly, Elrond's stargazing apparatus. Like a giant intricately-made golden telescope. I don't recall seeing Elrond EVER use a stargazing apparatus in Rings but there you go, Weta made one for him, and it's on display at Te Papa.

May 14, 2006

I went here today.

Was it cool?


You can pester me with specific questions about it if you want to. I might even answer some of them. I might take pity on how far away you are to the brilliance of it by giving you special details that you would never know unless you visited it with someone who was also an extra like I did.

Envy me.