April 22, 2006

The beautiful new Crypt requires some shout-outs, intros, and a little tour. So put your night vision goggles on because I don't do daytime tours.

First of all, that's me. That foxy vampire goddess over to the left? Yes, me. And the first shout-out goes to Nashya who created that stunning portrait. From the ashes of nothing arose beauty, as it were. Nashya is clearly a brilliantly talented artist (and deviant) so support her frequently by dropping by and, you know, spreading the word. Thank you, Nashya!

The second shout-out goes straight to Homie of the Beareth clan. Without Homie I would never have known of Nashya's artistry, I would never have had a portrait of me commissioned, and I would never have gotten off my lazy undead ass to put forth the effort required to transform the Old Crypt into this gorgeous twilight-hued New Crypt. Homie did it all. He is responsible for these lovely new surroundings. Thank you, Homie!

Now for the tour. To the left you see me. To the right is where all the words go. And up above is my title - vampirenomad. Tour's over, you all owe me $20. *chuckles* No, there's a little secret involved in this tour. You see the title? VAMPIRENOMAD? All of my previous bloody sidebar links, crypts, and coven members are hidden up in there. That is Homie's greatest innovation. Don't believe me? Run your cursor over one of the letters. See how it turns into a hand? That's means it's actually a secret passageway to somebody else's domain. The VAMPIRENOMAD is like a bookshelf in a haunted house - pull the right book out and a door will swing open in the library wall.

So now the intro part. It's time to introduce and re-introduce you to all the members of the remodeled vampirenomad coven. Follow along at home, kids, because this will be fun!

V is for Homie Bear and Pooing in the Woods.
A is for Gotthammer and his brand new blog.
M is for blu and his evolving blog.
P is for Thoughts from the Sugar Bowl where Torch is.
I is for Duckie and In Flight. (She's new! Go welcome her.)
R is for Selkie and her Super Selkie blog.
E is for Rustyangel and clear/air.
N is for the Trek parody Star Traks run by Cmdr Decker.
O is for the Encyclopedia of Arda for all Rings needs.
M is for artist Mark Ryden who created the Blood works.
A is for the Old Crypt in case you get nostalgic.
D is for Nashya and all her deviantART.

Now you know. And in the immortal words of G.I. Joe, "knowing is half the battle".