March 17, 2006

"Homie Bear tales and things that are chocolate
Elf-lords and tigers and topics to blog at
Craig Parker photos and vampire bat wings
These are a few of my favorite things

Movies with Marton and big pots of coffee
Poe cats and black tats and Gina who's lovely
Lunches with girlfriends and chats about Rings
These are a few of my favorite things

When the wind blows
when the day drags
when I crack a frown
I simply remember my favorite things
and then I don't feel
so down"

Or, as Blu called it this morning, "getting back to the Beensics" of life.

Exhibit A

Found under the headline "What a Babe".

March 15, 2006

What it must have been like for the captain of the Titanic. The prestige! Such a cushy, luxurious, and gloriously glamourous way to cap a career. His friends must have pressured him by way of envious support.

"God, Ed, the TITANIC. Everybody wants her. But she's yours. How could you consider any answer but yes?"

"Ed, she's a beauty! You get the best of everything. How do you do it?"

Sleek, sophisticated, ultra-modern ocean liner filled with every convenience, every possible excess available to man at the time. Her maiden voyage. Mammoth, elegant, noteworthy, full of celebrities and 'who's who' travelers. Full of money. Ed, you crazy fool, don't even HESITATE! Take her. She's all yours. Just a non-event cruise for richie-riches. Show her off. Unsinkable, gorgeous, the envy of the world. People would die for such a chance. Do it, Ed! A dream job.

But all the media attention and engineering savvy in the world couldn't keep Captain Edward Smith from staring down his own mortality. Not even a dream job can stop the cruel machinations of reality. And everybody's baby turned out to be the worst decision of his life. Fate is ironic. And nothing is unsinkable.