March 10, 2006

United States Government 1, Endangered Species 0

In-depth game analysis here.

Yes, because it IS a game. The leatherback sea turtles are out to win and they'll use any means necessary, the bastards. They will even stoop to pretending to go extinct by letting themselves die in fishing nets so that we'll feel guilty and pass protective legislation banning harmful types of fishing while they secretly rally in the depths of the ocean and plot our eventual demise.

Thus the wheels of environmental progression grind to a screeching halt as the Federal Government throws caution to the wind and takes us back into the hunting-gathering days of yore. Apparently we ARE cavemen, surviving by fire and spear alone. Without swordfish fishing (turtles and whales be DAMNED), we as a species will definitely starve. Screw the environment! This is life and death, man!

Did I drip sarcasm on you? My apologies. I shouldn't be so cynical. Surely the American government can't be wrong. I mean... surely.

March 6, 2006

Remember The Challenge?


January 18. I put forth a challenge to you pretty mortals to redesign my beloved Crypt. Make it new and flash and even more bloody. Remember now? You may have suspected me of forgetting but the undead have long memories, my darlings. I never forget. I've just been playing the waiting game. You see, some of the darlingest of my mortal friends have banded together to form a design supergroup if you will. Like NSync. Only different. (SHUT UP TORCH! It's a compliment and you know it.) Anyhow, Torchy-poo, Blu: god of le tigre, Rustyangel, Homie of the Beareth Clan, and Gotthammer Mike are all pulling together a Frankenstein of a redesign offering for their favorite vampire chick. Me. So stay tuned, hold your mortal breath, and await the eventual unveiling of the new Crypt.

While you wait, feel free to pester any and all of them to hurry up and finish things already. They're all easily reached via the Bloody Sidebar Links. You may find Torch at TFTSB, Homie at homie bear, Blu at evolving blue, Rustyangel at rustyangel (and while you're there tell him to update already, my god), and Gotthammer at gotthammer. Pester away!

*drums fingers on the tabletop*