February 8, 2006

"Know what time it is, kids?"

"What time is it, vampirenomad?"

"It's immigration application time! YAY!!"


"And now for a word from our sponsors, the Bureaucratic Red Tape Company. Stay tuned, kids! It's gonna be fun!!!"

"FUN!!! YAY!!!!"

February 5, 2006

Oh what to update on, what to update on? So much happens, so little of it blog-worthy, so little of it public. Hmmmm...

The International Rugby Sevens happened this past weekend here in Wellywood. The Sevens are... uh... okay, I'm not going to pretend to know even the most rudimentary of rules about what the hell Sevens are in comparison to regular rugby. I'm not a sports kind of vamp. My knowledge of rugby consists of "men grunt, men throw ball, men tackle". The Sevens is a lot like that plus lots and lots of booze. Rugby + beer = New Zealand. Simple little equation. It looked, after the 4th finally ended sometime mid-afternoon on the 5th, like a tornado had ripped through town. A drunk one.

Somebody at head office in a city that is not this one discovered, through the smallness of New Zealand ("I have a friend who went to school with the girl you just had lunch with" type of thing) that I have a blog. Which means that if they're clever enough they could one day find me and then I'll have to stop selling off seat plaques on e-bay for a huge foreign-currency profit. Hehe. The key words being "if they're clever enough". (If you all hit e-bay now to search for my seat plaque sale, let me offer two words of direction: "creative license")

Gotthammer has posted new and admittedly adorable pictures of Littlehammer, his and Dragonfly's son, at this link. Go there now and be prepared to "awwww". Ain't he just? Awwwww...

What else?

It's my day off today. So, um, I'm gonna get back to my gruelling schedule of coffee-drinking and A-Team-watching in my PJs. Don't call me. I'm not home.