January 21, 2006

This is the Challenge offering from Gotthammer.
Actually it's one of four different color schemes around a similar design. Gotthammer favors the white scheme while - big surprise - I favor the above dark one. Isn't it marvelous? Just as an FYI, Gotthammer created the existing vampirenomad banner for me way back when the Crypt was based in Canada. Thank you, Gotthammer! A worthy offering indeed and now you can see how high the bar has been set, my pretty mortals.

Homie Bear, in a fit of vampiric adoration and bearish inspiration, has commissioned an original piece of art as his part of the Challenge offering. What an insanely cool thing to do, Homie! Thank you! I'm on pins and needles to see it. I'll post it here in due time so you may all ooh and aah over it with me.

And now, just because I can, here is a picture of Craig Parker.

I'm sure I have no idea what the hell Gotthammer meant by my digging "hot guys who are usually gay or effeminate in some fashion".

January 18, 2006


My Crypt needs a new look, my pretty mortals. It's time for a change. No vampire can afford to go stale. Staleness breeds madness and madness is bad for immortality. So out with the beloved old template and in with the new.

The challenge part is that I can't/won't do it myself. I want you, my mortal darlings, to submit your ideas of how the Crypt should look. There are four rules of engagement for this contest.

1. It must maintain a "vampirenomad" banner of some sort.
2. It must somehow utilize the color of blood.
3. There must be a place for people to bite me. Comments, in the dull mortal tongue.
4. It must display some manner of Anne Rice quote on it.

Those are the rules. The challenge is now. Redesign my Crypt so I may move to a luxurious new daylight hide-out within a month.

Yes I'm specifically looking at you, Blu, Torch, Rustyangel, Selkie, Gotthammer, and Homie. Let's see what vampiric goodies you can dream up for me. The prize will be... something as yet undetermined but fabulous. Something mail-able from Middle-Earth.

Now go! Work your magic, my mortals.