December 30, 2005

The Meaning of Life...

...according to Vogue:
Always be in fashion. Wear clothes that could bankrupt a small nation and will generally make you look absurdly under/over-dressed in the name of all things stylish and well-made.

...according to America:
Okay, play the game. But win.

...according to The Church:
Love God. Love others. But don't mingle with homosexuals, adulterers, pornographers, fascists, racists, murderers, liars, followers of "wrong" religions, secular musicians, abortionists, drinkers, junkies, those "living in sin", sinners in general, Marilyn Manson, Harry Potter, RPGers...

...according to society:
Make money, get married, have kids and a picket fence, drive an import car, invest in RRSPs, be as normal and successfully so as possible. Conform. Be one of the good folk.

The published meaning of this life depends on whose view you subscribe to. So as the new year approaches, don't make resolutions about gym memberships you'll never use and chocolate addictions you'll probably never beat. Instead, let me offer you one piece of advice. It's this: be true to yourself. The meaning of life is in your heart. Learn to trust that still, small voice. And don't allow anything to rob you of your joy.

The meaning of life according to me:
Live. Love. Dream. Nothing is so important that your joy must be forfeit. Just... be. And be glad you are.

December 26, 2005

I'm off to Auckland for a little post-Christmas vacation with my boy as I've been missing him over the holidays. Four days of Auckland sunshine and freedom from work. Woohooo!! I say a big fat "THBPPPBPTHHTPTT" to work and thumb my nose at it.

I hope each and every one of your Christmases was the merriest yet.

The future is bright and is yours to seize and do with what you will. Make the year matter. May adventure guide you and love keep you whatever you do.

Melin chen, mellynen. Hi a ui. Namarie.