December 3, 2005

Craig Parker just finished starring in a play in London. This play.


So... he should be available to come stir my coffee now. Right?

I'm accepting applications Monday through Friday, Craig. No prior assistant experience needed. Ability to stir an asset. Come in person. Elf-garb optional.

For those of you who have been living in a hole or just don't pay attention to every second one of my posts, Craig is the one in the pictures who looks like Haldir without the long blonde hair and robes. And who is not dead. (Curse you PJ for your wanton sacrifice of hot Elves!)

December 2, 2005

The thing about life is this...

You learn every day. You are never a set person and if you think you are, then you're dead in some way. We are, all of us, learning and growing and stretching and realizing and creating and becoming every hour of every day.

I miss people from home. A lot. A whole lot sometimes.

But this place, this situation, this world half-way around the globe... this is where I'm meant to be. This is where I'm set to learn a lot of necessary lessons. I am becoming a fuller person by being here.

I used to joke about settling in Middle-Earth and running Welly from the Embassy. Life is incredibly bizarre. Especially since when things actually do work out the way you plan, they still aren't the way you planned. I mean the plan worked but it's not at all what I imagined. In retrospect I realize that managing a business probably does entail more than sitting in a plush swivel chair while Craig Parker stirs my coffee and I have long conversations with international powers-that-be about world-wide release dates and "flying Marton in" for this or that gala.

Still. I also didn't expect 50 hour work weeks and manic stress over staffing levels and system glitches either.

The point is that I'm learning. I'm living. I'm daring. I've put myself, through the randomest set of situations I could never have dreamed up, on the very brink of ultimate achievement or bitter failure. And what I've discovered is that it doesn't matter. Because who I come home to each night is vastly more important than what I do to pay the bills. Hugging him is worth a thousand gala events.

Somehow that's so BASIC. But I couldn't see it until it was true for me. Now my favorite dream plan is quitting and running away to work in a cattery. Just me in a yard with a thousand cats day in and day out. I'd be just as happy. (He says happier, actually. Though mad.)

Is there a message? I guess so. It's along the lines of: Live. Love. Don't talk yourself out of either. Just... be. And be thankful, in the end, that you are.