November 24, 2005

When I lived with Homie in the Grotesque Golden Flat of NSync Joy, we had a shitload of fun. Those were good days. Not that these aren't, but those were like the lazy hazy days of summer.

In those days, everything had a name. There was me, Gabrielle the VampireNomad, of course. And Homie of the Beareth Clan. And then there was Poe (my cat), Lola (my car), Little Green Jellybean (his car), Ted (the house plant), Fat Angry Neighbor (the downstairs neighbor), Joe (my teddy bear), etc, and so on.

Did the tradition end when Homie and I embarked on our world journey? Have I "matured"? Do things now just live out their days with the ordinary labels they come with? "Table". "Cat". "Slippers".

God no. How dull. Don't you people know how to live?

The lazy hazy days of the Grotesque Golden Flat of NSync Joy may be over, but the glory days of being me in my world will never end. Homie, everyone, I'd like to introduce you to the newest additions to my travelling crypt.

Happy. My left slipper.
Stupid. My right slipper.
Kittypants. My stuffed cat.
Mini-Haldir. My gaming figurine.

It's good to know some things never change. Like my mental age. 12 has been good to me for a loooooooong time.